CD Meeting Colours


“… the listener is seduced by an orchestra that swings unisono with the soloist. The abundance of material and motifs doesn’t come over as crammed, but wonderfully supports or connects with the guitar's recital." (Jazz Man – 5/2005)

“The cheerful, elated and intelligent summer record comes to us from the north. A great orchestra, fantastically bursting with energy and precision, the BJO.”  (Métro – 21/06/2005)

Release: 2005
Soloist: Philip Catherine (guitar - compositions) - Bert Joris (trumpet / arrangements)
Label: Dreyfus
CD type: CD
Playing time:
Recording type: studio
Recording location: Studio Toots - VRT (Brussels)
Recording engineer: Walter de Niel
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Title Composer
1. On the Ground Philip Catherine
2. Pink Circus Philip Catherine
3. Happy Tears Philip Catherine
4. Letter from my Mother Philip Catherine
5. Piano Groove Philip Catherine
6. December 26th (rubato) Philip Catherine
7. December 26th (in tempo) Philip Catherine
8. The Hostage Philip Catherine
9. In a Sentimental Mood Ellington/Kurtz/Mills
10. Francis' Delight Philip Catherine
11. Yellow Landscape Philip Catherine
12. Dance for Victor (rubato) Philip Catherine