Two Small Bags, Ten Million Dreams - cd


Artists #withRefugees launch mini-cd for the benefit of charity

20 June 2016 is World Refugee Day, a day that will be celebrated at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) 20 June 2016 was World Refugee Day, a day that will be celebrated at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) with a benefit concert by Artists #withRefugees. In anticipation of this concert the artists launch the cd Two Small Bags, Ten Millions Dreams, featuring the tragic story of a family of refugees seeking a new life in the back of a truck. The lyrics were written by Michael De Cock, the music by Frank Vaganée (Brussels Jazz Orchestra). A lot of big names from the Belgian jazz music scene and beyond, participate for free in the recording, as well as in the concert.

Two Small Bags, Ten Million Dreams: 35'02''

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Composed and arranged by Frank Vaganée
Lyrics by Michael De Cock - translation by Purni Morell

Download the lyrics:

Conductor: Frank Vaganée

Vocal soloists: Tutu Puoane - David Linx

I Solisti del Vento: flute/piccolo: Lieve Goossens; flute: Els Weckx; bassoon: Francis Pollet; french horns: Ivo Hadermann, Anthony Devriendt; timpani: Koen Wilma's; vibraphone/glockenspiel: Carlo Willems 

Brussels Vocal Project: François Vaiana - Sander Dewinne - Jonas Cole - Sarah Klenes - Anu Junnonen - Elsa Grégoire

Brussels Jazz Orchestra:
reeds: Frank Vaganée, Dieter Limbourg, Kurt Van Herck, Bart Defoort, Bo Van der Werf
trumpets: Serge Plume, Nico Schepers, Pierre Drevet, Jeroen Van Malderen
trombones: Marc Godfroid, Lode Mertens, Ben Fleerakkers, Laurent Hendrick
piano: Nathalie Loriers
double bass: Jos Machtel
drums: Toni Vitacolonna 

Instrumental solos by: Pierre Drevet - trumpet; Frank Vaganée - alto saxophone; Nathalie Loriers - piano

Recorded at ACE Studio in Aartselaar, Belgium on March 24 and March 31, 2016.
Producer: Frank Vaganée
Executive producer: VOF SIEN
Recording engineer: Gyuri Spies
Assistent recording engineer: Frank Van Bogaert
Assistent to the musicians: Fabio Di Meo
Editing and mixing: Gyuri Spies assisted by Frank Vaganée
Mastering by Gyuri Spies
General assistance by Koen Maes and Veerle Heyvaert
Photography: Thanassis Stavrakis
Artwork: Zap All People