BJO's Finest - Live! in Auro-3D


Brussels Jazz Orchestra and Auro Technologies re-release the album ‘BJO’s Finest – Live!’, the first live jazz album on Pure Audio Blu-Ray with Auro-3D. The 3D format is able to capture the acoustic ambiences that are inherent to a live concert and reproduce them in the most natural way, sounding lifelike. The album is an entirely Belgian production: performed by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, mixed at Galaxy Studios (Mol) and released with an Auro-3D mix, a Belgian technology. 

The album ‘BJO’s Finest – Live!’ contains exclusively compositions and arrangements by orchestra members and was released in 2013 for the Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary. The album was recorded live at Flagey (Brussels). The Auro-3D format creates a whole new momentum of actually “being there” during the concert, bringing the audience emotionally closer to the musical arrangements and the performances of the artists. Unique, spacious, very absorbing and simply beautiful. 

Auro-3D moves from two-dimensional surround sound formats to true three-dimensional sound (called Immersive Sound), achieved by adding the missing and final dimension in sound ‘height’ (in front of and all around the listener). The way Auro-3D defines this “height layer” dramatically increases the emotional impact of musical performances. Auro-3D’s unique “vertical stereo field all around the listener” is key to that new and natural immersive sound experience.

Thanks to its fully backwards compatibility, Auro-3D mixes of film or music are released on standard Blu-ray discs. Auro-3D is the only sound system on the market that has both 5.1 Surround and Auro 9.1 in just one standard PCM delivery file with high resolution audio in each channel, making easy distribution on any system in the world possible. Auro-3D software is integrated in several electronic consumer devices, such as Denon and Marantz.