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The music by Bert Joris has everything to win the hearts of the audience: sensual, compelling, swinging, bluesy or exciting: with his harmonious compositions and colourful arrangements, Joris achieves the perfect balance between strong lyrical melodies and deep grooves.

Release 2010
Soloist: Bert Joris - trompet
Label: W.E.R.F.
Type CD: CD
Playing time:
Recording type: live
Recording location: Studio 1, Flagey (Brussels) - in collaboration with Klara, VRT
Recording engineer: Walter de Niel
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Title Composer
1. Sundown  Bert Joris
2. Magone  Bert Joris
3. Triple  Bert Joris
4. Connections Bert Joris
5. Uppers and Downers  Bert Joris
6. All over Me Bert Joris
7. Signes and Signatures  Bert Joris
8. It is my Time Bert Joris